Profile Anxiety

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104:10Tie Me Up
202:40The Craft
404:05All Nerve
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Want my whole name to know who they deal
with, looked through my reviews, here come
the reverences. Won’t pay for my drink if I
can get one for free. What if these are fake?
What’s the point anyway?

No wonder you think I’m swimming in gold, I
played my cards well and this game is too
old. Think you know me well cause you can
spell all my names, aware of my moves
thanks to our dear internet.

Bought what you wanted to be sold
Heard what you wanted to be told
Saw what you wanted to be shown
Why do you care if it’s false?

No justice without a trial but the system is
way too polite towards the ones who keep
the right order online by raping our bodies
and minds.

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